The Infrastructure division at ReluTech has done an incredible job of winning new customers in the new year. In fact, thanks to some very hard-working junior guys, we’ve already surpassed our goal for new logos for the entire year.

It’s impressive that we’ve accomplished this, but it would be a disappointment if we weren’t able to expand within those accounts by providing other solutions from our portfolio. Most folks with sales experience know exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t want to be pigeon-holed based on the initial solution or product you provided. At ReluTech, we provide a considerable amount of third-party maintenance for data center hardware, but we also specialize in disruptive technologies, cloud migration and services, and even talent delivery. So when I talk to one of our existing customers about another competency and hear, “I didn’t know you could do that,” it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

If I hadn’t spent years as a rep myself, I’d be tempted to think: “What’s going on?! Why aren’t our reps touching base with their customers and talking about our entire set of solutions?! What are they doing all day?!” Since I have been a rep, though, I know that they really are doing this; it just doesn’t always register with the customer. In my opinion, this could be for one or both of these reasons:

  1. We’re not communicating well enough. Sometimes sales reps pitch a solution, hope the customer immediately shows interest, and if that doesn’t happen, they give up on the idea. They don’t take the time to make sure that the customer understood the offering, nor do they ask if it has any relevance to the customer’s business.

  2. The timing isn’t quite right. Even if the rep gives the most perfect, concise, practical, and compelling explanation of the offering, it may not hit home for the person listening simply because it’s not a current need. Maybe it becomes a need later, but by then it’s not realistic to expect the customer to recall the sales rep who pitched it, the organization that can provide it, or even the fact that anyone can provide it!

Have you heard of The Rule of Seven? Marketers suggest that people need to hear your message seven times before they remember it. In other words, we should be erring on the side of over-communicating, and just when we think we’ve delivered the message enough, maybe deliver it a few more times in a different way. (Turns out this applies to internal communication as well.)

In a nutshell, it’s crucial for us to be mindful of the two obstacles listed above and make sure we overcome them. If a customer buys post-warranty support from us but doesn’t know we may also be able to fill their opening for a full-stack developer, it’s a missed opportunity for both organizations. If a customer utilizes us to improve its data protection strategy but doesn’t understand that we can also architect environments in AWS, then we clearly haven’t told the whole story.

That said…

Whether you’re an existing customer or considering doing business with ReluTech for the first time, here’s what we do:

ReluTech creates options in IT—options you usually won’t be seeing from your traditional VAR. We drive out unnecessary costs with our third-party maintenance and hardware wholesale business. We have you invest those savings into transformational technologies that will create additional business value through data protection, hyper-convergence, and automation. We also do the one thing that many VARs are absolutely terrified to talk about: We help with your journey to the cloud. And if you need to fill a role or supplement your existing personnel to complete a project, we’re not just résumé pushers; we’ll find truly qualified candidates for you based on our vast network that comes from actually being an IT company.

If any of this is truly brand new information, be prepared to hear it six more times from your rep.

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