As a customer of Relus Cloud Talent Delivery, we are grateful to you, not only for giving us the opportunity to provide you with talent solution services, but for your loyalty and support. We are pleased to share with you the exciting news that we have now joined our sister company, ReluTech, to offer unique and disruptive services across data center, cloud, and talent solutions, and as such, we are now operating as ReluTech Talent Solutions. Over the past five years, Relus Cloud Talent Delivery has been at the forefront of building one of the country’s fastest growing born-in-the-cloud companies. As a result of that immense success, our cloud division was recently acquired by Cloudreach, a global leader in enterprise cloud adoption and digital transformation.

As the Talent Delivery division, we won’t be joining our cloud friends in their acquisition by Cloudreach; however, we are now in the unique position to join our longtime partners at ReluTech and more effectively allocate our own resources to meet the needs of our distinct business of connecting employers with the very best IT talent, while reducing operational complexity and enhancing strategic flexibility.

With this change, we are better able to sharpen our focus on investing in our network, unique sourcing solutions, and technical training for our recruiters, while we continue to do what we do best over the long term in offering full-time hiring, cloud factory solutions, and application development projects.

Our clients of the Relus Cloud brand can rest assured that the leading innovation, demonstrated commitment to providing the best knowledge and experience, and employees who deliver exceptional service will remain a hallmark of ReluTech Talent Solutions.

As our customer, you have placed your faith in our recruiting consultants, as well as our processes of delivering the best talent help in the development of your team, meeting tough project deadlines, and transforming your environment.  ReluTech Talent Solutions promises that same dedication and quality you have come to expect with scalable, budget-flexible, and targeted solutions.

With our track record, unmatched network of Cloud and Development professionals, and knowledge of the latest and greatest tools to hit the Cloud, we are confident that our new affiliation will serve us all well.

We look forward to serving as your people partners for the foreseeable future.

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