…”And the word of the month is Intention!”, said our President, Ted Pappas in our weekly Monday morning meeting (ironically called TedTalks). The discussion of being intentional with our customers failed to escape me as I sipped on Jack Daniels during our Quota Trip in Cancun last week. Funny how even the strongest drinks can’t quell the most compelling of statements and ideologies. And although I hit my quota for the second year in a row, the stakes are raised and the better I have to be at my job. So what do I do for a living? I’m an IT Recruiter for a company called ReluTech which has 3 business segments:

1) We drive down the cost on yearly maintenance renewals.

2) We buy back hardware and lease them out to drive down costs often times during data center consolidations.

3) We help bridge the talent gap through talent acquisition (that’s where I come in!).

So here’s the point of this blog: How will I hit my quota this year with the bar being raised yet again? I intend to be more intentional than ever before to intentionally help our customers fill their time-sensitive open positions, and will do so by intentionally identifying the customer’s pain points, while also intentionally identifying the candidates interests, and in doing so, intentionally establishing a connection with that candidate that I’m speaking with which will result in determining that the candidate is a fit for the role, or that they are a fit for something else I may work on in the future.

All sarcasm and wit aside, it is insanely easy to just coast. But if you’re ambitious. If you want to hit or exceed your quota. 10 subs and 20 screens weekly won’t cut it. You’ve got to be intentional with listening to your customer and listening to those candidates; hearing what they need, sympathizing with them on what that engineer is looking to get into next, and establishing that connection where it is mutually understood on both ends that you are working for them to accomplish their initiatives. Many will argue that this this is just part of the job and although I agree, there’s a reason why IT Recruiting has such a high turnover. Simply put, doing your job in IT Recruiting is hard and it takes being INTENTIONAL to be successful.

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Meet Anthony Cedeño is a Sr. Cloud Recruitment Consultant here at. In the office, Anthony recruits the best AWS professionals for companies looking to raise the bar on talent and lead transformation within their organization! Outside of work, he enjoys telling corny dad jokes, playing the guitar, watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, reading, and playing poker.

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