When people ask me what ReluTech does, I tell them that we are an all inclusive IT solutions provider. Being an all inclusive IT provider is a very broad description, so today I would like to briefly discuss what that actually means.

As an organization, our goal is to drive cost out of the data center. If you ask anyone here how we drive out IT costs, they would likely proceed to explain our 3 go-to markets. However, I would like to expand this one step further and argue that we as an organization actually use 4 go-to markets to help large organizations allocate their IT budgets to other divisions of the organization. Below, I will go into detail to explain what these are.

  1. Our first go to market is providing hardware maintenance on IT infrastructure within the data center. This is unique because we are able to service systems that OEMs would generally do at double the cost.

  2. This first market helps supplement our second go to market which would be providing the hardware itself (whether it would be used, pre owned, new, new in box, new surplus) which we keep on prem in our own warehouse. In this day in age we are rapidly evolving as a technological society daily. With these advancements IT directors, CIOs, and CTOs need to be able to adapt and work proactively to keep up with the demand that technology requires today. Good IT labor is a unique job market in which there is a higher demand then supply.

  3. This is where our third go to market comes in. Having the ability to bridge the gap on IT talent is something that ReluTech has done better than anyone. In fact, in 2013 ReluTech’s talent team single handedly built Relus Cloud (which is the fastest growing AWS cloud consulting partner in the world) from 10 to 200 employees.. Moving to the cloud out of the data center is an initiative that many innovative companies are making today. This process can be very costly and very timely.

  4. The fourth service that we provide is the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy (MBBS). It is a five-step strategy that we created to help reduce the size of an organization’s migration bubble. The three steps are discovery of your assets, data center as a service that involves buying and leasing your hardware, maintenance for your hardware at a lower cost than the OEM, talent to help find experts for the migration process, and dispose of all the legacy hardware.



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