The extremely unique culture is what draws people to apply to work for ReluTech. This was the driving factor for me to not only join the team here, but pursue a career path within the department of People and Culture. Every single day is vastly different and continues to keep me on my toes as various ideas continue to be brought to the table. We always are looking to enhance how we operate here. We consistently look to fellow employees for inspiration when devising programs that will continue to make their experience here even better. That is my main objective in my role: keep our employees happy and engaged.



As part of the initiative of continued engagement among employees, an idea came to fruition when we recently decided to formulate a group that empowers the women who work here. The group we formed is known as ‘Ladies in Technology’. Female employees in ReluTech meet once a month to go over upcoming events in our community, discuss openly about life as a woman in a male dominated industry, and even incorporate a book club within the group to read all sorts of inspirational books by female writers. Not only does this group bring out more engagement among the women within our organization, but it has been amazing to see all the men rally behind the Ladies in Technology – they even attend all the different events we have been going to as well!

This organization inside of ReluTech was heavily influenced by Women in Technology (WIT), and we have had the pleasure of attending various events that they have put together. WIT’s mission is to empower girls and women to excel in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) from the classroom to the boardroom. Every month they host a WIT Forum where they cover various topics from Emotional Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things and more. Many of the women here at ReluTech are passionate about learning more about the industry we are in and networking with women in the area, and this perfectly aligns with all WIT does in the Atlanta community.

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About the author | Claire Williams

Claire Williams is our People & Culture Manager here at ReluTech. In the office, Claire does all Human Resource functions, such as payroll, benefits, onboarding, training, etc. She also has the joy of planning internal events and getting to organize our Pay it Forward initiatives. Outside of work, she loves traveling, hiking, journaling, photography, and participate in all things exercise.

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