As a Psychology graduate from the University of Georgia, I never imagined myself working in the IT industry. I graduated from UGA last May and felt like my only option was to go back to school and get a higher degree. I decided to try taking nursing classes instead of pursuing a graduate program for psychology. However, after a semester of nursing classes, I knew that I was ready to get a start on finding a career path that I could get excited about. I got back on LinkedIn and started looking for opportunities in the Atlanta area, and that decision is what led me to ReluTech. I received a LinkedIn message from Alex Daniels about some entry level sales roles here and jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know that what Alex was doing for me was going to be what I would end up doing here at ReluTech.

After my first interview, I knew that I wanted to work here. I loved the startup environment and the variety of career paths offered here as well as the vast opportunities for career growth and development. After only three months here, I am still feeling very lucky that Alex Daniels reached out to me on LinkedIn with a sourcing analyst opportunity at ReluTech and I’m very thankful that I took the time to see what this IT startup company was all about.

I have experienced many challenges, successes, and failures during my time at ReluTech so far. From Ted Talks and Toastmasters, to mock interviews, to now doing my own professional phone screens with real candidates, my role at ReluTech has really challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and learn how to better communicate effectively with others. One of my biggest challenges at ReluTech has been learning about the technology terms and skill-sets that go into finding the right candidates for the roles we fill on a day to day basis. However, going to networking events such as the AWS summit and WIT events has really helped me gain a better understanding of how to engage with cloud professionals and make valuable connections with other people that work in IT environments.  I came into my role at ReluTech with no experience in an IT environment, but with the day to day guidance of our recruiting team and management, I have managed to assist in two placements and step into a cloud consultant role after only three short months.

With my recent transition from a sourcing analyst to a cloud recruitment consultant, I have already achieved one of my biggest goals at ReluTech. However, I still have many goals left to accomplish. I hope to grow more confident in my role as a technical recruiter, become more engaged in the cloud community, and exceed my quota goals for this upcoming year. I also want to continue to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and become a better public speaker. For me, that looks like participating in more Toastmasters events and stepping up to more leadership opportunities. With the encouragement of my recruiting team and management, I feel as though all of these goals are attainable and I look forward to many more years working as a cloud champion with ReluTech.

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