It takes a diverse group of individuals to achieve success in the realm of IT talent. The Talent Solutions team at ReluTech is made up of the Director of Talent Solutions, Director of Sales, Talent Solutions Coordinator, Sourcing Analysts, Recruiters, and Account Executives. Our executive leadership works hard everyday to maintain smooth processes and keep the lines of communication open. CompTIA has recently estimated that there are currently 700,000 unfilled jobs in the IT industry. As one can imagine, this makes finding qualified tech talent challenging, which is why clients rely on our team of cloud recruiting experts.

The Sourcing Analyst role is tailored for individuals who are interested in the recruiting field and want to better understand the industry. This provides the opportunity for those individuals to learn the technical aspects, how to source candidates, and how to walk candidates through the interview process.

Recruiters work tirelessly to find quality candidates and coach them through each step of the interview process. This could take them from one week to over a month long. Each client has unique requirements when it comes to the interview process and requires flexibility from the candidate and recruiter.

Account Executives develop new client relationships and manage existing client relationships by discovering and fulfilling talent needs. They are 100% focused on customer delivery.

Why are clients willing to pay our talent solutions team to qualify candidates? ReluTech differentiates itself from other staffing firms because we have diverse services such as infrastructure solutions and hardware maintenance. Oftentimes, organizations feel that their internal recruiters are capable of filling these roles, when in reality, they need a team of cloud certified experts who understand how the market moves. Our cloud expertise helped Cloudreach become the fastest growing AWS premier partner.

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