Being someone who has been in the recruiting world for about 3 months now, I would not quite identify myself as a successful recruiter just yet.  But while working on the Talent Solutions team at ReluTech, I have had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented Senior Cloud Consultants. What’s a Senior Cloud Consultant, you might ask? That’s what ReluTech calls their technical recruiters, who are all AWS certified cloud professionals.

In order to write this blog, I figured the best way to answer this question is to go directly to a successful recruiter and ask what their thoughts were on the subject. While sitting down and interviewing one of ReluTech’s Senior Cloud Consultants, Karson Thompson, she claimed that in order to be a successful recruiter, there are a few practices and skills that can really set you apart from the rest.

1.Be Highly Organized

Keeping up with all your candidates who are currently in the interview process, and those who are entering the process, can be tough. You have to stay organized and be able to multitask and keep track of all the people who are entering and exiting your pipeline. In addition to that, always make sure you are keeping your pipeline up!

2.Practice Diligence

Be careful and persistent when working with candidates. Stay connected and always be communicating with them and the account executives. When a client is thinking about dropping out of the interview process, continue to stay connected with them and keep them involved. Take initiative and do what it takes to get the position filled.

3. Be Ambitious

Sometimes in recruiting, you’re going to face frustration due to unforeseen events taking place. You have to be willing to work through it and know that in the end, if you get that one placement, it will all be worth it. Have a positive attitude and don’t get discouraged when a candidate doesn’t work out. Use your ambition and competitive nature to find a new person for the job.

4. Be a Good Listener

While you are also trying to sell the role to a client and convince them why this role would be a good fit for them, it is important to listen to what the candidate has to say. Learn why they are actively or passively looking for a new job and use that to your advantage to convince them why this role would be a great fit for them.

5. Think Outside the Box

Most of the roles ReluTech’s Talent Solutions team works on are roles that are extremely hard to fill. This is why companies hire us in the first place; if it was easy, they would do it themselves for free. Given this circumstance, sometimes you have to great creative and think outside the box on how to find candidates for jobs, and how to keep them engaged and interested in the position throughout the interview process.

In Recruiting and Sales, in general, it’s important to celebrate the wins and to not dwell on the losses. It’s business and you’re always going to have new opportunities, so remember how good the win felt and how frustrating the loss was, and use that as your motivation to get the job done.

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About the author | Taylor Vahle

Taylor Vahle is an Account Executive here at ReluTech.  In the office, Taylor works with customers to understand anything that may relate to talent gaps, project needs, and other hiring concerns. Outside of the office, she enjoys Orange Theory, softball, and watching the Atlanta Braves play.

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