The best place in Atlanta is on my yoga mat in a VERY hot yoga room. I position myself in “child’s pose” to begin my practice. It is here that I feel calm and happy. It is here that I strive for balance; where I feel spiritual, and exercise both my mind and my body. The mat keeps me centered. It is on the mat that I gain the ability to move forward and away from the mistakes of the past, and offer positives out to the Universe in the belief that they come back ten-fold. The unbelievable amount of sweat released during the hot yoga Vinyasa Flow class releases toxins and negative thoughts, and I am left cleansed, balanced, and renewed. This is one “place” in Atlanta that is a favorite and a must for me!


Another favorite place is the Atlanta International Airport! If I am sitting at an E Gate with a boarding pass, it means I am about to depart for an international destination and enjoy a new adventure, new experiences, different food, new people, and different architecture. It means I am about to immerse myself in an unfamiliar culture and know that I will return completely fulfilled and invigorated by the learning experience!

So many other places fulfill me in Atlanta. After arriving here in 1996, I was impressed by the fact that if you are interested in something specific, you can find it! What a splendid melting pot Atlanta is, not only with people but with what it has to offer! If you are interested in mountain climbing, you can be easily fulfilled at The Summit, Adrenaline Climbing, or any of the natural mountains of North Georgia! If you want it, you can find it!

I come from South Africa where I grew up hiking, camping, sailing, and enjoying limitless safaris. If I am outside, near a body of water, or have a spectacular view, I am totally content. If I yearn for that outdoor experience, I can find it! I brushed up on my sailing on Lake Lanier. Still satisfying my love of the water I decided to start rowing on the Chattahoochee River … no problem – Atlanta Rowing Club answered the call! More recently, my husband and I decided to get re-certified in Scuba Diving …. Sea Ventures answered the call and that course resulted in some amazing dive trips and a new “family”.

Loving the outdoors and hiking, I searched for some hiking trails soon after moving to Atlanta. No problem! The splendid and prolific hikes and waterfalls in Georgia were, and continue to be, a highlight! I have taken my children since they were toddlers to hike along the rivers, climb trees, and rock hop across streams with the dog …. culminating in a spectacular waterfall at the end of the walk such as Dick’s Creek. Something closer to home that is handy to meet up with friends and family is Roswell Mill. This is a lovely walk along the river and on the old bridge, followed by a good lunch at dog-friendly Salt Factory in Old Roswell … a day well spent!

These outdoor experiences never get old. It is not only family time, it is a spiritual experience provided by the beauty of nature, that centering and peaceful affect, just like the yoga mat!

“Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing.” – Joanne Rapits

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About the author | Sue Picken

Sue Picken is our Operations & Accounts Receivable Specialist here at ReluTech. In the office, Sue is in charge of sales support. accounts receivable and payable, contractor invoicing and billing, as well as office management for 22 Tech Park! Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, hot yoga, hiking, art, and scuba diving!


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