How helpful would it be for your company to have access to a technical bench for half the typical cost? With access to ReluTech’s Third Party Maintenance services, you can have the confidence to rely on a technical bench that is dedicated to extending the life of your assets. You can achieve this while maximizing your budget and acquiring the added flexibility to match your coverage with your business’s unique objectives.


Here at ReluTech, we continuously build out our support desk with certified engineers that are specialized in 1-2 specific platforms. With immediate access to Tier-3 engineers through our help desk, or having one on-site within a few hours, your admins can spend more time focusing on their tasks and less time worrying about troubleshooting issues. As of today, we complete 95% of our SLAs with a first-time fix, and do so with our number one priority being customer service.


Many companies get trapped in one-year contract increments that don’t match their needs. At ReluTech, we never force strict contract terms on our customers. Whether you need to refresh a portion of your systems after 6 months, mix and match SLAs, or need completely custom term lengths to match your unique objectives, our team will work with you to ensure you are covered.


Our mission is to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, and we will work with you to create specific options to do so. While typically maintenance is sold at a premium, to push you into the latest hardware line, our service is true to cost and will allow you to maximize your budget without forgoing access to the technical bench you are accustomed to.

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