As you can see from both our website and office decor, the superhero theme is pretty prevalent throughout. The superhero theme is not only displayed due to a long standing passion our CEO has for the comic books, but more so to display the many qualities that those superheroes uphold. These qualities are instilled within our employees and are something we look for when we are hiring for potential new ReluHeroes.


Below you will find some of the “Superpowers” that I feel our ReluHeroes hold true:


In the industry of technology, everything is constantly changing and evolving. It takes someone with speed to pick up on all the terminology and really dive deep into understanding our business. Our sales reps are not only quick to pick up on all the verbiage, but also quick to help out our customers in times of need. We strive to respond to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to “Be the Customers Hero”.


ReluTech is predominately a sales organization helping our over 600 customers get the exact services they need, whether that’s hardware, third party maintenance, or staffing. So, how did we get all these customers? Well, through the art of selling (and selling takes courage). It takes courage to call up a stranger and ask them for their pain points without knowing if they will listen to what you have to say. It takes courage to go up to a person during networking events and ask them if there are any roles they need help filling. It takes courage to speak in front of many AWS reps about why the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy can help their clients move to the cloud. All of the art of selling takes courage, and our reps definitely have that.


Confidence is something that all of us have in ReluTech and the business practices behind it. Having a company and services that we can be confident in allows us to be the heroes our customers need. With proven strategies and investing in each employee’s education in technology, we build confidence from the top down. When our customers, employees and, community are confident in ReluTech, we are closer to being the heroes that we strive to be.


Passion is the driving force that ignites the motivation our employees have to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. There always has to be something that gets our employees excited to take on the day and close some business. From the conversations I have had with the majority of our employees, the underlying passion these folks have is the eagerness to make our customers happy. I mean, it is one of our values for a reason, and these people live it day in and day out. They’re passionate about making sure that when the customer comes to us with a challenge, we face it head on by providing exactly what they need to help operations run smoothly at their company. Our people have a desire not only for the success of our company, but more importantly the success of our customers.


Another value that holds true to a superhero is that they are constantly fighting battles for others in the hopes that this world is a safe place. We are not necessarily fighting off villains; however, we do what we can to give back to our community in any way we can. Personally, the Pay it Forward value we have is one of my absolute favorites because it always our employees to do something out of their day to day roles. And they love to do it! We have been currently working on raising money for a non-profit here in Peachtree Corners called Promise686, and that is just one of the many fun Pay it Forward initiatives we do year round. We may not be solving all the world’s problems, but giving our time and energy for various local causes has been something our employees continuously love to participate in.

Our people may not wear capes or masks, or fight the deadliest of crimes. They do, however, hold many of the key values that all superheroes possess. These are just the first 5 I could think of, but boy are there many more I could name. These attributes are what stuck out to me when I was searching for a job, and it really is amazing to see them hold true after being here for almost 2 years!

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About the author | Claire Williams

Claire Williams is our People & Culture Manager here at ReluTech. In the office, Claire does all Human Resource functions, such as payroll, benefits, onboarding, training, etc. She also has the joy of planning internal events and getting to organize our Pay it Forward initiatives. Outside of work, she loves traveling, hiking, journaling, photography, and participate in all things exercise.

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