Company values are the pumpkin spice of company culture; you either sprinkle pumpkin spice into every food group known to man, or you judge the people who do it. But the truth is, pumpkin spice is great, if not essential, in the right circumstances. My wife loves all things fall, starting with pumpkin spice. But eventually, somewhere around Thanksgiving, the smell gets redundant for her. The taste loses its nostalgia, and no longer does pumpkin spice scream the joy of falling leaves, crisp morning air, and the warmth of home. Why is that? Well, since you asked, I think it’s because she sprinkles it into every meal, drink, or scent she can, instead of keeping it to candles, lattes, and pumpkin pies where they work best. I’m willing to bet that if she kept the pumpkin spice to its appropriate places, it would be around all year long to remind her of her love of fall.

Company values can be the same, sprinkled into every conversation, every meeting, every thought, they can quickly get stale or completely lost in translation to employees. But if you keep values where they communicate best, they can be guideposts for the whole company to believe in and strive towards; a common goal and language that gives the company a soul. ReluTech has 5 company values, all are essential, but my favorite is “Be the Customer’s Hero”.

The reason “Be the Customer’s Hero” is my favorite value, is that it legitimately guides my day. If I or another co-worker get an email, call, request, or any communication at all from a current or potential customer, it becomes my immediate goal to answer no matter what’s going on. If we’re speaking to a customer about an issue they’re having, large or small, “Be the Customer’s Hero” comes to the forefront of our mind and we think, “what does being a hero mean in this situation?” It turns every communication from just doing my job, to making a positive impact on your customer’s day. “Be the Customer’s Hero” is a perfect example of a company value that is expertly communicated, and it gives us a common heartbeat at ReluTech.

If company values are pumpkin spice, “Be the Customer’s Hero” is our pumpkin spice, or pumpkin spice latte if you’re more of a Starbuck’s person. Its a company value that’s in the right context and acts as a guiding principle for all of ReluTech. It’s around all year and reminds us of our love of the customer. For the record, I love fall, and the occasional pumpkin spice, just not in my chilli, Laura.

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