Today, I was asked to write a blog about the best food in Atlanta. Two thoughts immediately crossed my mind: 1 – wow this is the biggest no brainer in the history of the world. 2 – do I let out Atlanta’s best kept secret and risk battling crowds next time I decide to treat myself to a little-known delicacy?

Against my better judgment, I have decided to release this information and welcome the hoard’s hungry hippos that are sure to follow reading this blog. The best food in Atlanta is Cicis, The Unlimited Pizza Buffet. Now I will attempt the impossible, to articulate the Cicis experience, something that can only truly be understood by first person, real-world visit to this fine establishment.

When you cross the threshold into this pizza paradise, you are first faced with a riddle. One can only speculate this is intended to weed out the weak, to separate the wheat from the chaff. The riddle is in the form of a menu. The pizza eater is to decide between ordering something from the menu or feasting on an all-you-can-eat pizza bonanza. Of course, when seeing it spelled out, it’s clear that only a fool would pass up this all-you-can-eat special. But in this crazy world, fools are ubiquitous. A simple test, such as the menu, is a necessity to identify and mark these buffoons before they are allowed to assimilate with their smarter, stronger counterparts.

Let me first approach the benefits of this delicious delicatessen from a financial standpoint. What we are talking about here is a perpetual pizza buffet. We are talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner filled with your favorite pizzas, along with pasta, soup, salad, and desert. All for the bargain price of $5.99. (Wait, that can’t be right, that’s way too good of a deal… Nope, that’s what it says, right on the menu. Wow, that sounds like a fun time.) I’d love you to show me another fine Italian eatery for that kind of price. You can’t. Simply put, it’s the best deal in town. Now some would argue the soups and salads are thrown in as a smokescreen, intended to fill your stomach with useless mulch, preventing max consumption of pizza. But I say to each his own. Or her own. Let them eat salad.

Upon completion of exchanging pleasantries with the cashier, it’s time to cut loose. The financial decisions are a thing of the past and your nostrils are filled with the sweet aroma of this doughy dish. One can’t help being instantly transported back to childhood. No financial worries (obviously with that price), no concerns from work, nothing on your mind but the pleasure of existing in such a heavenly place, and the task of getting that pizza pie in your mouth as quickly as possible. All your worries are washed away in a bath of gooey goodness.

Now, there are a lot of staunch critics of the overall quality of the pizza at Cicis. While I personally feel there is no criticism for this fine “za”, let me assure you this: any issues with quality are made up tenfold with quantity. The pizza truly is never-ending, limitless, eternal, and inexhaustible. From traditional and pan pizzas, to flatbreads and stuffed crust, there is something for everyone. And the deserts. Oh, the deserts. From Bavarian crème pizza to apple pie pizza, I invite you to expand your palate and find the flavors you love.

Once the feast has ended, you are filled with a warm, fuzzy satisfaction that can only come from five or six slices. As you waddle out, back into the real world, this satisfaction and carefree feeling is sure to stick with you for hours and hours. So, do yourself a favor: drop whatever you are doing and go eat at Cicis, The Unlimited Pizza Buffet. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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