It is said that first impressions are the lasting ones and it’s emphasized even more when going through the interviewing process. Interviews can be extremely intimidating, but being prepared can help make the process much easier and much less stressful. That said, I’m going to share some fundamentals to best prepare you for your interview.


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Tip #1: Review the Job Description


Make sure that you know exactly what position you are interviewing for. Double check the requirements and be able to speak on how you fit the ones that are needed for the position.


Tip #2: Talk to An Internal Advocate


An internal advocate can be someone that works at the company that you are interviewing for, or can even be someone who has worked there in the past. The main purpose of talking to someone who has a history in the company is to gain information about the company that is completely exclusive, which could further help you prepare to talk to certain individuals.


Examples: The Hiring Manager, John, loves to conduct white board sessions and the CEO, Harry, likes to test people on the company’s history.


Tip #3: Mock Interview/Role Play


Practice makes perfect! Take the initiative to sharpen your skills before the real game. I recommend role-playing with a friend or spouse with general interview questions, as well as questions that are commonly asked for your specific position. This will allow you to gain more confidence in your answers and remain sharp when you are in the interview.


Tip #4 Estimated Travel Time


Traffic is unpredictable, so plan for the worst. I recommend that you put in the company’s address the night before to know the estimated travel time, then add 30 minutes to that travel time in case you get caught in traffic. If you are early, you can read your preparation notes or go through the company website before walking in.


Tip #5: Positive Energy


This tip sounds simple, but positive energy is everything! Hiring managers know that interviews are intimidating, but the candidates that show confidence and who are positive really stand out! A lot of eyes will be on you during the interview, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.


Tip #6: Dress to Impress


First impressions are so important when interviewing for a new position and can make or break your chances of getting hired. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the interview, especially if you are told what type of attire to wear. If you are told to dress professionally, pull out your nicest professional attire.


Overall, interviews can be nerve-racking and it’s okay to be a little nervous, but being proactive and preparing for your interview can help you calm some of those nerves. These tips will allow you to learn more about the company, position, and help you rock your interview!



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About the author | Josh Clancy

Josh Clancy is a Sr. Cloud Recruitment Consultant here at ReluTech. In the office, Josh helps our clients find top IT talent and reaches out to candidates to help them find new and exciting job opportunities! Outside of work, he likes fitness, watching sports, and making music.

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