If you are ever on the Internet, then you’ve heard the term “Work Hard, Play Hard” many times. It can be applied to many things in life: sports, work, friendships, etc. At ReluTech, we have a very healthy balance of work and play. As a sales-driven organization, it’s no surprise that the employees here work hard every day. Whether it’s grinding out calls, hosting meetings, designing presentations, or building our website and marketing collateral, every single person here is busy every day.

That being said, ReluTech does a great job of keeping their hard-working employees happy and engaged with our unique culture. In addition to many perks — fun open office, Beer Fridays, our snack bar, monthly team events, pay it forward campaigns — one of my favorites has been our Self-Managed PTO Policy. This basically just means that ReluTech doesn’t give you a set number of days you can take off throughout the year. As long as you get pre-approval with an advanced notice from your manager and plan accordingly, you will more than likely be able to get the day(s) off. Obviously there are stipulations and expectations around that so that people don’t take advantage of the policy. If you’re in sales, you should be at/above your number, hitting your metrics, and work with your team to make sure no customer gets left behind while you’re gone. If you reside in a role other than sales, you must make sure your responsibilities are covered.

Because of this policy, I was able to backpack Australia and New Zealand with my brother last year. It had been almost a full year since I had seen him, so I was very thankful for the ability to completely take off, disconnect, and not have to worry about tracking hours/days/etc. I also knew my customers were in great hands with my team, and they didn’t miss a beat!

We were able to check off many “bucket list” items on that trip — scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving over the rainforest in Cairns, boating through Milford Sound, bungee jumping & jet boating through New Zealand canyons, attending the Presidents Cup, camping on Fraser Island, witnessing all of the crazy wildlife Australia has to offer…the list goes on. I am extremely thankful that I was able to take that trip and spend that time with my brother. We are closer because of it, and we have stories to tell for the rest of our lives. We’re even putting together a video to submit to the Amazing Race!

Since then, people of all ages have told me that they’d love to do a trip like that someday. I’m thankful for ReluTech for making it possible at 26, and I didn’t have to wait for “someday”. It’s opportunities like this that I have been blessed with when working at a company with this sort of flexibility. They hold me to a standard of hard work, but also understand that people need those breaks to be able to experience things like the ones I was able to!



About the author | Alix Dickinson

Alix Dickinson is a Senior Account Executive here at ReluTech. Her top priorities are working with new and established customers to understand anything and everything that may relate to talent gaps, project needs, and other hiring concerns. Outside of the office, Alix enjoys traveling abroad, cheering on the Packers, and exercising.

Get in touch with Alix: adickinson@relutech.com

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