The time I spend with our customers is almost always focused on the transformation activities associated with moving a portion, or all, of their application workloads from the data center infrastructure to the public cloud environment. And that time is almost always focused on the exact same question: what do I do with the data center infrastructure I already have?

The question isn’t a hard one to answer, but the OEMs oftentimes make it difficult to execute on. Their goal is simple: to sell hardware. And the tactic behind their strategy is extremely effective. Here’s the net of it: hardware maintenance is provided when the hardware is purchased but when the hardware maintenance expires, customers are asked to buy extended warranties that become so expensive over time. It simply makes more sense to buy new hardware with built-in warranties again…brilliant!


Our goal is to break the refresh cycle. We execute on that goal by creating ways to monetize the assets without compromising SLA’s, then repurposing that money to fund projects associated with transformation…brilliant! Yes, you read that correctly. We can actually take an asset that is being depreciated and turn it into capital that can be spent on something other than continuing the cycle of feeding the hardware monster that is the OEM. This unlocks your hardware handcuffs and allows you to begin the journey to living OEM-free.


The only way to believe this is to see it. So, we’ve built three Maintenance Calculators, including the Server Calculator, Storage Calculator, and Network Calculator. These calculators will give you estimated average cost savings based on your inputs of what hardware use cases you’re considering. The calculators are simple; click on the link. You’ll be asked to enter estimated maintenance renewal costs by manufacturer or number of devices and aging information. Using your data, we’ll give you a rough estimate of savings with the exact same service levels you’re getting from the OEM. Really…it’s that easy! I suspect what you’ll find will be shocking. On average, the savings will be greater than 50% of what you’re paying to the OEMs!


The days of “we don’t have the budget” or “cloud is too expensive because we have a data center full of gear” have just ended. Today could be your day we give you some of that budget back or you show your leadership that cloud really isn’t expensive if you look at maintaining your infrastructure a little differently.

Happy Calculating! Click here to see your savings.