My name is Karson Thompson, Sr. Cloud Recruitment Consultant at ReluTech. As a Talent Solutions professional, I’ve seen that more and more companies are experiencing increased morale and productivity just by adding more diverse perspectives to their teams. For this reason, others want to start a Diversity Hiring Initiative but don’t know where to begin. Today, I’d like to share 3 tips on how to be more successful on this journey.

  • Tip #1: Refresh: You probably already have a great company culture. Now, it’s time to refresh your current employees on what it means to be a member of your organization. Spend time reviewing your company values and mission statement. This ensures that everyone embodies your vision of inclusion. With everyone on the same page, future employees will feel welcomed and valued from the first engagement.
  • Tip #2: Retool: How are you engaging candidates on the market? If the answer is the same for the past couple of hiring waves, switch it up! Try attending new career fairs, networking events, and socials. Just by changing your avenue of finding candidates, you are sure to meet new candidates that are excited about what you do.
  • Tip #3: Regroup: Marketers know that the best way for consumers to connect with a brand is to see themselves in it. This idea is the same for companies that are hiring. Be sure to ramp up your interviewing panels with a range of culture, gender identities, skills, and experience levels. Not only does it give you different interpretations of a “good fit”, but candidates get to see how much you care about up-lifting diverse voices, like theirs.

Taking on any Hiring Initiative is easier said than done so don’t feel discouraged if you need support. Relutech’s Talent Solutions team is here to guide you through this process of enriching your firm with great candidates. If you haven’t already, follow NERD RABBIT, our partner that is also trying to close the Talent Gap in IT by creating an inclusive community of cloud computing professionals.

About the author | Karson Thompson

Karson Thompson is a Senior Cloud Recruitment Consultant here at ReluTech. Her top priorities are finding quality IT professionals and plugs them into their next opportunity, as well as other hiring concerns. Outside of the office, Karson enjoys spending time with her cat, working out, and online shopping.

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