The usual lifespan of refurbished hardware is 5 years or longer! Most OEM’s will tell you 3 years just so you buy new again. OEM’s are out to sell as much new hardware as possible to keep their shareholders happy. They are not incented to extend the life of their products. This is why you see high maintenance costs when the warranty period is over and they continue to climb the older they get. What happens to the value of IT assets as they get older? They go down in value! So, OEM’s charge more to get you to buy new equipment. They will also stop supporting products when they reach a certain age to force you to buy new.

Now let’s look at ReluTech Refurbished Hardware and 3rd party maintenance. Unlike the OEM’s, who’s prices go up over time, our price will not increase each year for the same hardware or service. In some cases, as the parts prices go down, we can even lower your cost. We custom configure to your specifications, test all hardware, and charge a fraction of the OEM’s price. Then we can maintain with ReluTech maintenance which will save you additional money to spend on other projects or just save.

Whether you are a startup company or a large Fortune 100, refurbished hardware can ensure huge savings and a stable environment within your IT infrastructure. Take these savings and invest in your customers, cloud initiatives, other projects, and your employees!

How to save money:

  •         Buy refurbished
  •         Upgrades versus brand new hardware
  •         Maintain your current IT environment
  •         Extend the life your hardware by 2,3, 4 years or more
  •         Better than new, tested and proven hardware
  •         Compliment and save more by bundling with 3rd party maintenance
  •         Protect the environment, fewer materials in landfills
  •         Extend the life of your current assets