ReluTech provides IT solutions that allow customers to dramatically cut costs and innovate faster. As public cloud technology advances at a break-neck speed, companies constantly seek ways to keep up with this rapid change. Many companies hit roadblocks early in the process that either slow down or prevent their migration to the cloud. Here at ReluTech, we help our clients move to the cloud quickly and affordably by reducing the time and cost of their cloud migration.

We operate around key areas that help our customers’ cloud migration processes succeed: Hardware Rental, Hardware Purchase, Third Party Maintenance, and Asset Disposition Services. ReluTech lowers the cost burden of the data center by providing affordable hardware, third-party maintenance, and decommissioning of hardware post-migration. We take this a step further with our data center Purchase Leaseback option, which gives customers an immediate capital injection while moving data center costs from a capital expenditure to operational expenditure. This program significantly eases the financial burden of moving to the cloud for our customers.

ReluTech developed a 3-pillar approach to cloud migration solutions consisting of Elastic Support, Refresh Avoidance, and IT Divest. These pillars contain strategic solutions that help companies cut costs and save time during their migration process. In more detail:

  1. Elastic Support — Fund Your Migration
    • Alternative Maintenance – ReluTech’s multi-manufacturer maintenance offers flexible SLA’s and contract terms, supporting all major OEM’s at 50-70% less than traditional OEM maintenance prices.
    • Discovery – Understanding your existing IT environment is crucial in planning for an AWS migration. ReluTech delivers an end-to-end solution to discover, map, and manage your entire IT deployment.
  2. Refresh Avoidance — Conserve Your Capital
    • Hardware – ReluTech houses a large inventory of used, certified equipment from all major manufacturers available at a fraction of the OEM’s prices. We can buy, sell, rent, or lease everything from entire systems to individual parts.
  3. IT Divest — Value For Recovered Assets
    • Purchase Leaseback – ReluTech helps eliminate the risks of equipment obsolescence and asset disposition through our unique purchase leaseback program. With this program, we help our customers turn legacy data center assets into cash, which can then be repurposed to fund an AWS migration project.
    • Asset Disposition – ReluTech can help reduce risk and maximize recovered value with our IT Asset Disposition services: decommissioning, data erasure, value recovery, and compliant e-recycle.

We strive to find the obstacles that keep our clients from moving to the cloud and either alleviating them or removing them entirely. Reach out today to see what ReluTech can do for you!