Case Study

Industry: Finance

Services Provided: Hardware Maintenance


Date: October 2019

About The Company:

This company is the sixth largest financial services holding company in the United States.

Top Values Provided:

  • Trusted Partner
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Flexible Contracts


This company had high renewal costs on storage, server, and network equipment within their data centers and needed contract flexibility on those renewals. They planned on decommissioning servers as they refreshed them onto new platforms, therefore they didn’t want to commit to a full-year renewal for each server.

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech reduced the company’s maintenance costs and gave them contract flexibility, ranging from contracts lasting as little as one month to as long as one year. ReluTech was also able to provide them value by providing flexible contract terms that allowed them to add and remove servers to the list, as needed.


The company had increased contract flexibility, allowing them to stop paying for services as soon as they stopped needing them. In the last two years, they had savings of 70% equaling over $1.5 million. They know they have a trusted partner they can come to for quality service, reasonable pricing, and flexible contracts.

Savings Using ReluTech 


$1.5 million Saved

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