Case Study

Industry: Healthcare

Services Provided: Hardware Maintenance


Date: October 2019

About The Company:

As part of the Fortune 175, this healthcare company owns 65 hospitals and has cared for over 10 million patients across the United States.

Top Values Provided:

  • Flexible Contract
  • Significant Cost Savings


This healthcare company was paying approximately $2.5 million for annual storage maintenance. Their contract terms were inflexible based on the inability to add and remove devices throughout the year. Their yearly renewals were increasing drastically and they needed a partner with manufacturer parts as well as certified technicians to support locations across the country.

ReluTech Solution

This healthcare company leveraged the ReluTech Asset Management Program (RAM), which identified all of their physical infrastructure and systems, which were eligible for third party support. They were able to add and remove systems in their contract, allowing them to take full advantage of cost savings and ensure that critical business requirements were met.


By using ReluTech maintenance, this company saved $1.18 million in annual support costs. They are now able to reinvest these savings into their life-saving services rather than infrastructure maintenance. ReluTech has identified future savings opportunities for them once they retire these assets.

Maintenance Costs

“NetApp was charging us $87,000 for annual support on a single filter and ReluTech was able to save us 93% on even more hardware annually.”

Director of IT Procurement

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