Case Study

Industry: Software

Services Provided: Purchase Leaseback, Cloud Migration, Talent Solutions


Date: March 2020

About The Company:

This software company is a leader in predictive analytics software for transportation and industrial equipment, using their machine learning data to predict engine failures and abnormal performances.

Top Values Provided:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Certified Cloud Recruiters


This software company needed a highly scalable solution to run predictive models with massive data sets, making continuing running on legacy systems no longer an option. Furthermore, the company was seeking a possible acquisition and realized having a more modern architecture would be appealing for potential company valuations. However, the company could not afford the costs associated with migration while simultaneously operating an existing data center. Most of their equipment was not yet fully depreciated, and the costs to renew maintenance agreements would consume the operating budget.

ReluTech Solution

ReluTech was able to quickly assess the hardware assets and provide the company with a flexible path to the cloud. ReluTech acquired the hardware assets and leased them back to them on a flexible schedule that matched their migration plan. During the lease, ReluTech was able to dramatically lower the cost of maintenance of their data center assets by up to 70% of what they had been paying the OEM’s. Furthermore, ReluTech helped accelerate their migration by staffing AWS certified experts on their team.

Benefits & AWS Outcome

Within 12 months, this company was fully operating in AWS. The scalability of the platform allowed them to quickly gain traction in new accounts,  and also accelerated a successful acquisition to a Fortune 500 company.

Maintenance Savings Using ReluTech


“Our biggest obstacle in acquiring new customers was the scalability of legacy platforms. We knew that operating in the cloud, specifically on AWS, was critical to our success, but being constrained by owning older hardware was a major roadblock. ReluTech had a solution for us to eliminate this barrier.”


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