Asset Disposition

Reduce risk and maximize recovered value with ReluTech’s complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services: decommissioning, data erasure, value recovery, and compliant e-recycling.

Asset Disposition Services

Our end-to-end services include asset de-installation and removal, data destruction, remarketing, and/or environmentally-friendly disposal.

Data Erasure

Our data erasure and sanitization services ensure that all sensitive data is completely removed from disposed assets.


ReluTech ensures that all disposed products are sent to certified recyclers, giving you peace of mind that you are protecting the environment.

Value Recovery

Relutech is a global re-marketing leader for datacenter equipment. We return the maximum value to our customers for decommissioned servers, storage and networking equipment.


ReluTech reduces the e-waste associated with outdated technology. ITAD services include the safe tracking of devices with a detailed chain of custody, and the certificate of recycling.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

“We’ve had great success using ReluTech from both a maintenance standpoint, and for services to decommission our data centers. This has helped us achieve our initiatives to move more into AWS in a swift and strategic manner.”

Director of Information Systems

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