Purchase Leaseback for Migrations

ReluTech’s founders are pioneers in the IT remarketing and leasing business. They leveraged their expertise into an industry-first solution to help customers turn legacy data center assets into cash, while saving money in IT operations. This means major funds you can repurpose to your AWS migration!

The major obstacles when moving to AWS are usually not technical; the most challenging barriers are people, legacy processes, and legacy technologies. Legacy technologies are insidious in a variety of ways:

Investing in your data center

Investments in data centers leave companies weighed down financially, without the option to write them off and unplug everything. The actual values of systems plummet with any usage, much like a new car. Thanks to Moore’s law and OEM software restrictions, a 3-year old system can be worth less than 10% of the original purchase price. CFOs restrict innovation by asking that all systems be fully depreciated before they can be decommissioned or refreshed.

Maintaining Legacy Assets

Keeping legacy gear is expensive because manufacturers artificially inflate the price of maintenance to try and convince customers to buy new equipment. This inflated price almost guarantees that migrations will be stalled for months, if not years, due to the sunk cost of these assets.

With ReluTech’s Solution, We Take The Problem Off Your Hands


1. You receive a check for your product.

2. We lease it back to you over the life of the migration.

3. We then dramatically lower your cost of operating the equipment.

4. Instead of penalizing you, we give you incentives to migrate faster.

5. When you are done with the equipment, ReluTech will erase sensitive data and responsibly dispose of the equipment.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

“Not only did ReluTech save us money on our maintenance contract, but the flexibility embedded in the contract made our migration less stressful.”
Director of Information Systems

“Our biggest obstacle in acquiring new customers was the scalability of legacy platforms. We knew that operating in the cloud, specifically on AWS, was critical to our success, but being constrained by owning older hardware was a major roadblock. ReluTech had a solution for us to eliminate this barrier.”
Chief Executive Officer

“ReluTech helped us tremendously when we needed affordable hardware and hardware maintenance. They also helped us hire a critical IT resource for our company.”
Chief Systems Officer

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