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If you feel bogged down by high renewals and inflexible maintenance contracts, you’re not alone, and ReluTech is here to help. We want you to know, it’s not you, it’s them. ReluTech can: purchase and leaseback your equipment, maintain your equipment for 50%-9o% less, and offer flexible contracts with customized SLA’s. This will free up money and time to help your migration.

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don’t settle for sidekick support.

Many of our competitors can effectively replace parts like hard drives and power supplies, but what happens when the issue is much more complex—and much more critical? ReluTech uses specialized engineers who can help you troubleshoot at the OS level for the specific platform we’re supporting. Don’t entrust your complex storage arrays to an IT generalist. Set up an introductory call with one of our account managers and learn more about the ReluTech difference today.

why our reluHeroes always save the day:

  • Fix-It-First Character – if you call us, we’re going to fix it right away. Others might spend hours making sure it’s just on the contract.

  • First Call Resolution – we’re going to do our best to get it fixed on the first call.

  • Expertise Across a Broad Range of IT Infrastructures – servers, storage and network, all the way up to mainframes.

You don’t have to sign a one-year contract. We realize that you may have plans to decommission a system in less than a year from now, and we’re happy to be flexible with short-term or even customized contracts.

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