Common Use Cases For Third-Party Maintenance

Third-Party Maintenance: Common Use Cases

Read about some of the most common use cases that are worth considering if your company is exploring the option of third-party maintenance.

Tidbits 3 banner

Tidbits 3: A Third-Party Maintenance Guide for Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, and Hitachi Storage

Check out this guide with observations from the last 18 months for data storage maintenance on the third-party market.

Women in Technology

ReluTech and WIT: Accelerating Women in Technology

Last week, the ReluTech team hosted its first Women In Technology (WIT) event at our office in Peachtree Corners, GA. We had 5 successful women speak on our panel moderated by Relus Cloud Sr. Director PMO, Mary Fellows. Check out some key takeaways in this blog.

Hacking the Cloud Security Talent Pool

“Hacking” the Cloud Security Talent Pool

Control doesn’t necessarily mean security and there are still many new rules to consider when adopting cloud technologies that are mixed in with standard security concepts. For those of you that are trying to get ahead of the game, here are some tips in “hacking” the cloud security talent pool.

Don't Be a Target, the True Cost of a Data Breach

Don’t be a target: The true cost of a data breach

Ever wonder what a data breach would cost your organization? Read on to learn more.

Bridging The Maintenance Gap

The Maintenance Gap

Have changes to your IT infrastructure resulted in gaps in support? We’ve listed common examples & how we can help.

Tech Talent Trends

2018 Predictions: Talent Trends in Technology

2017 was a huge year for ReluTech and the driving force behind it has been our talented people. To help your company grow and succeed you need the right talent. Check out what Account Executive Mike Page has to say about his 2018 predictions for tech talent trends. 

The relationship you should have with your recruiting partners

The Relationship You SHOULD Have with Your Recruiting Partners

In this day and age, with the IT unemployment rate at <4%, it’s pretty common to partner with agencies to help fill technical positions of all skill sets and levels. How do you make that relationship successful?

hiring devops talent

The Secret Recipe for Hiring DevOps Talent Part II

In the second part of the Secret Recipe to DevOps Hiring, Technical Recruiter Anthony Cedeno explores all the right ways to attract the top DevOps talent to your organization. 

steps to establishing good relationships with your recruiters

Steps to Making a Dynamic Duo

Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Learn the steps to a great recruiter-candidate relationship now!