Common Use Cases For Third-Party Maintenance

Third-Party Maintenance: Common Use Cases

Read about some of the most common use cases that are worth considering if your company is exploring the option of third-party maintenance.

Tidbits 3 banner

Tidbits 3: A Third-Party Maintenance Guide for Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, and Hitachi Storage

Check out this guide with observations from the last 18 months for data storage maintenance on the third-party market.

Don't Be a Target, the True Cost of a Data Breach

Don’t be a target: The true cost of a data breach

Ever wonder what a data breach would cost your organization? Read on to learn more.

Bridging The Maintenance Gap

The Maintenance Gap

Have changes to your IT infrastructure resulted in gaps in support? We’ve listed common examples & how we can help.

Don't Let your EOSL Leave You SOL By Jon Hillard

Don’t let EOSL leave you SOL

Getting an “End of Service Life” notice doesn’t have to mean you’re out of luck. See what options you still have.

Leveraging third-party maintenance on the way to the cloud

Leveraging third-party support on your way to the cloud

With ReluTech’s Trade up to the Cloud program, we can creatively help a customer move to an Opex model before they ever get to the Cloud, all while reducing or even eliminating write-downs and reducing ongoing maintenance costs in the interim.

avoid backdated maintenance

Avoiding backdated maintenance

Needless to say, the customer was dumbfounded when the manufacturer was unwilling to budge on having to pay for 2 years of maintenance on systems that were not even powered on or utilized in any way.

The Secret to staying technologically relevant

The secret to staying technologically relevant

Convenience is rarely mentioned when speaking with IT professionals, primarily because there are limited aspects of IT that offer true convenience. When forming a relationship with a solution-focused company, complexity is reduced for everyone involved.

The chilling truth about answering a cold call

The chilling truth about answering a cold call

I think it’s safe to say that most surprise sales calls are generally met with an immediate hang-up or a prompt “no thank you.” Decision makers receive an average of 20 to 30 individual sales calls each day. No wonder cold calls are met with disdain!

To work at ReluTech, you've gotta be one tough mudder

To work at ReluTech, you’ve gotta be one Tough Mudder

Obviously my first reaction to being drafted for this sadistic torture-fest was a petrified “HELL NO.” But you can’t say that to your CEO. I smiled, “Sure.”