ReluTech Saves Home Improvement Retailer $65K On Maintenance

ReluTech saves home improvement retailer $65K on IBM iSeries maintenance

When the time came to renew iSeries maintenance, IBM’s proposal left a home improvement retailer looking for alternatives. Good thing they found ReluTech.

On-The-Go Internet Provider Shifts To ReluTech Support

On-the-go internet provider shifts to ReluTech support

Have you ever had issues with your current third-party maintenance provider? Read one example of how ReluTech support is different.

Third Party Maintenance

SAP hosting leader saves 60 percent on NetApp, HP 3PAR, and IBM P series maintenance renewals

Has another third-party support company let you down? Read one example of how ReluTech goes above and beyond the norm to give you an experience much like the OEM’s.

Relus helps TV network find interim storage

ReluTech helps TV network find interim storage solution on its way to public cloud

A TV network needed to bridge the gap between its existing on-prem storage solution and the public cloud. Learn how ReluTech’s expertise led the network down the right path.

Relus Helps streaming tv service add dvr

ReluTech Helps Streaming TV Service Add DVR Functionality

Are you a startup in need of your first SAN? Read how ReluTech helped a similar company find the right solution for its growing business.

Healthcare IT

ReluTech consolidates six backup solutions into one, creates $17 million in new revenue for healthcare IT company

If your current backup solution—or multiple backup solutions—requires constant attention from many personnel, you’ll want to read how ReluTech consolidated six backup solutions into one and saved a company millions.

Bank drives out excessive NetApp support costs

Is NetApp trying to force your hand by inflating the cost of maintenance renewals? Read more to learn the options ReluTech provides.

Relutech helps consolidate over 1 petabyte of backups

ReluTech helps manufacturer consolidate over 1 petabyte of backups with ExaGrid

Do you need your backup solution to scale to a full petabyte? If so, read about one organization that faced similar challenges.

ReluTech saves company $6.6 million

ReluTech saves electric utility $6.6 million with copy data virtualization

If your DBAs and developers and struggling to provision or refresh database copies quickly, you’ll want to read what ReluTech and Actifio did for a midwestern utility.

Marketing analytics provider uses ReluTech for VMAX support

Marketing analytics provider uses ReluTech for VMAX support

Is Dell EMC asking an arm and a leg to renew VMAX maintenance? Read on to see how much ReluTech saved one company who already faced that challenge.