Cloud Migration Solutions

As an AWS Select Partner, we help customers reduce barriers to cloud migration through innovative programs to provide capital for legacy IT equipment while lowering costs to fund migrations.

Elastic Support

Fund Your Migration

Multi Manufacturer Monthly Maintenance

An often over-looked barrier to an AWS migration is the overwhelming cost of legacy IT maintenance. Companies struggle with budgeting expenses for AWS resources when much of the budget is spent just keeping existing hardware running.    ReluTech can take over maintenance of all legacy equipment, cutting potentially millions of dollars of expense that can be repurposed to your AWS migration. ReluTech can cost-effectively extend the life of out-of-warranty or end-of-service-life data center equipment. We cover every major manufacturer in the data center for servers, storage, and networking equipment – all on one contract and at substantial savings.


  • Flexible SLA’s – customized solutions to match your AWS migration goals
  • 50-90% savings from traditional OEM maintenance, with savings that can fund your AWS migration
  • All major OEM’s covered – unlock savings in all server, storage, and network equipment
  • Elastic contract terms – scale up to scale down as your AWS migration proceeds
  • Support for EOL equipment – we can keep your legacy equipment running for the life of your AWS migration.


The first step in planning for an AWS migration is usually a discovery of existing IT assets. ReluTech delivers an end-to-end solution to discover, map, and manage your entire IT deployment, no matter where it lives: on-prem, hybrid, or cloud. Using agentless and agent-based tools, we can autodiscover everything in your environment. While most discovery solutions will focus on applications and virtual environments, ReluTech’s discovery will also provide a thorough inventory of physical devices, essential for unlocking savings for an AWS migration.


  • Map and organize your physical, virtual, and cloud networks automatically
  • Complete physical hardware inventory
  • Software inventory and dependency mapping options
  • Physical audit and asset evaluation services are available

Refresh Avoidance

Conserve Your Capital


ReluTech helps companies decommission entire data centers targeted for AWS. In the process, we house a huge inventory of used equipment from all major manufacturers available at a fraction of manufacturer prices. Our customers utilize ReluTech for OEM certified equipment that is guaranteed to work.


  • Refurbished products and upgrade parts at up to a 90% savings!
    • Help avoid refreshes during your AWS migration
    • Extend the life all your existing equipment 
  • Brocade, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp, SunOracle (All major OEM’s) 
    • Avoid expensive vendor lock-in during your AWS migration
  • Buy, Sell, Rent, Lease: entire systems, upgrades, or parts

IT Divest

Value For Recovered Assets

Purchase Leaseback

ReluTech’s founders are pioneers in the IT remarketing and leasing business and have leveraged this expertise into an industry-first solution to help customers turn legacy data center assets into cash which can then be repurposed to an AWS migration project. 


  • Transaction sizes from $10,000 to $100 million
  • Flexible terms to match your migration and disposition schedule
  • All data center hardware assets are eligible
  • Eliminate the risks of equipment obsolescence and asset disposition.

Asset Disposition

Reduce risk and maximize recovered value with ReluTech’s complete IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services: decommissioning, data erasure, value recovery, and compliant e-recycling. ReluTech has the experience necessary to help with a single system or an entire data center.


  • ReluTech is your only option for an ITAD company, which specializes in data center assets only
  • We guarantee top value recovered for all assets decommissioned during an AWS migration
  • As specialists in server and storage technology, we ensure all sensitive data is erased
  • Full asset lifecycle services are available to help plan for your AWS migration
    • Deinstallation – Relutech engineers can deinstall, pack and ship all decommissioned systems
    • Onsite or off-site data erasure services with strict industry compliant standards
    • Onsite disk shredding services 
    • Environmentally responsible handling of all e-waste
    • Maximum value recovery for all datacenter hardware

Want Even Greater Savings?

From now until November 1st, ReluTech is having a storage maintenance special! Save 50% compared to the OEM when you switch to ReluTech’s third party maintenance. Request a quote below and one of our representatives will help you save on your maintenance contract. We’re equipped to provide you with the maintenance, hardware purchase or rental agreements you need on server, storage, and network equipment. Contact us today and we’ll help you save!

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