We are experts in the cloud industry. Our AWS Certified Heroes focus on the current and future state of your IT environment. We have a proven track record of building some of the most well-recognized cloud delivery and application development teams in the country. We have an unmatched network of industry professionals that will help accelerate your time to talent.

At ReluTech, we pride ourselves on being experts in the cloud industry. Our recruitment consultants are cloud certified and trained in the latest tools and technologies.

We also have an unrivaled network of exclusive talent developed over the course of many years, building some of the most well-recognized and successful cloud and technology teams in the market.

Whether you are a cloud consulting partner or an end user, we have the experience and proven track record to help you bridge the skills gap on your team!




Direct Hire


Cloud Factory


Cloud Engineering

Specialists to ensure the safety of information systems assets.

Application Development

Teams to manage and execute your SDLC.

Big Data

Experts to help analyze and manage data to make business decisions.


Engineers to support your CI/CD culture.


Specialists to ensure the safety of information system assets.

Hiring? We Can Help.


What do our customers say about us?

“ReluTech has been essential in finding the people with the skill sets required to virtualize our data center with public cloud technology. Their technical expertise when vetting candidates makes our interview process shorter and easier on our staff.”

Director of Global Infrastructure

“My experience with ReluTech has been very positive. They provided me with excellent candidates that exceeded my basic job requirements, resulting in hiring two very qualified people.”

Head of Data Operations

“One of our company’s goals is to fight the opioid crisis, and ReluTech is key in efficiently finding talented IT professionals to help us win this battle. Not only has ReluTech succeeded in this aspect, but they’ve been outstanding in bringing diversity into our team.”

Chief Operations Officer

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