Hardware & Maintenance

Pre-Owned & New Surplus Hardware

Looking to save money on genuine IBM hardware? If so, you’re in the right place. ReluTech provides genuine IBM storage and servers at huge cost savings, so reach out to us for your next upgrade or system.


  • Cost-effective (40-80% savings)
  • Little to no lead time
  • EOL (End of Life) products available
  • Warranty included
  • Maintenance options available
Storwize/V7000 Storage
  • V7000
  • V5000
  • V3700
XIV Storage
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DS4000/DS5000 Storage
  • DS4700
  • DS4800
  • DS5100
  • DS5300
  • DS5020
DS3000 Storage
  • DS3512
  • DS3524
  • DS3200
  • DS3300
  • DS3400
N-Series (NetApp) Storage
  • N3300
  • N3400
  • N3600
  • N6040
  • N6060
  • N6070
  • N7900
DS8000 Storage
  • DS8100
  • DS8300
  • DS8700
  • DS8800
IBM Tape Storage
  • TS3584
  • TS3500
  • TS3200
  • TS3100
xSeries Servers
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iSeries Servers
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pSeries Servers
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zSeries Servers
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Third-Party Maintenance

If you’re like many of our customers, IBM may be pressuring you into an early refresh by artificially increasing your maintenance renewal costs. Don’t give in! ReluTech offers post-warranty support on just about every IBM system, and we use certified engineers and true-Blue IBM parts. Look to ReluTech for your next IBM support renewal and save 40-80%. Learn more about the ReluTech difference here.


  • 40-80% off OEM list
  • Monitoring add-on option
  • Standard and Custom SLAs
  • Access to specialized helpdesk technicians
  • Ability to support “End of Life” hardware