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We are excited to announce the launch of our automated IT Divest Calculator to help you provide your customer with real-time estimates of the hardware valuation and hardware maintenance savings we can drive back to their organization to help fund their AWS Migration.

Please reserve a time listed below and we will guide you through our calculator experience and the simple information on data center equipment we need to calculate the Hardware Valuation, Hardware Maintenance Savings, and Carbon footprint reduction our offering provides to organizations throughout their AWS migration journey.

Meet your Guide

Teddy Howe – Partner Development Manager

As a Partner Development Manager, Teddy is wholly focused on providing the best possible funding solution for customers’ AWS migration through our IT Divest program.

Teddy graduated from The University of Notre Dame with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and then went on to receive a Masters of Science in Management, also from Notre Dame.

After working in an operational management role for six years, Teddy joined Relutech to marry his passions of business problem solving and technology.

What Do We Do At ReluTech?

ReluTech provides IT solutions that allow customers to dramatically cut costs and innovate faster to help them migrate to AWS. We are committed to reducing barriers to cloud adoption that traditional consulting partners don’t address.

Where other partners concentrate on moving and running applications into the cloud, ReluTech focuses on making transitions faster and more affordable by eliminating the most common data center barriers that inhibit cloud migrations.

Our solutions are designed to help you avoid costs, break free from the OEM, and accelerate your data center evacuation journey.

ReluTech’s IT Divest Services

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