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Why ReluHeroes for Post-Warranty Support?

40% - 80% Cost Savings

ReluTech customers see savings between 40%-80% by switching from OEM support to ReluTech for their server, storage, and networking equipment. You can read about our savings for current customers here.

Certified Engineers

Savings don’t matter if they put the business (or your job) at risk. With ReluTech, you’ll have engineers who specialize in the product they’re supporting, giving you a level of service that goes beyond break/fix hardware support.

Flexible Contract Terms

You don’t have to sign a one-year contract. We realize that you may have plans to decommission a system in less than a year from now, and we’re happy to be flexible with short-term or even customized contracts.

Support for EOL Equipment

Has your manufacturer sent you a letter saying your equipment is at the “End of Life” stage and that they will no longer support it? Due to our large inventory of genuine parts and expert technicians, we can keep that equipment around for as long as you need it.

Customized SLA's

ReluTech offers the industry standard 24x7x4, 9x5xNBD Service Level Agreements, but if neither of those fit your needs, we can design an SLA that fits your unique needs, contact us to learn more.

Genuine OEM Parts

ReluTech only uses Original Equipment Manufacture parts to fulfill our maintenance contracts. You never have to worry about compatibility issues or counterfeit parts with our maintenance offering.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

“Not only did ReluTech save us money on our maintenance contract, but the flexibility embedded in the contract made our migration less stressful.”

Director of Information Systems

“Over the past several years using ReluTech, they have always done what they promised and have done so in a timely and cost effective manner, and that was all we really could have asked for. As time went on, they continued to get more and more of our business because of it.”

Server Team Project Leader

“ReluTech helped our university save money on hardware maintenance so we could repurpose the money to use towards growing our university.”

Director of Information Technology

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don’t settle for sidekick support.

Many of our competitors can effectively replace parts like hard drives and power supplies, but what happens when the issue is much more complex—and much more critical? ReluTech uses specialized engineers who can help you troubleshoot at the OS level for the specific platform we’re supporting. Don’t entrust your complex storage arrays to an IT generalist. Set up an introductory call with one of our account managers and learn more about the ReluTech difference today.

why our reluHeroes always save the day:

  • Fix-It-First Character – if you call us, we’re going to fix it right away. Others might spend hours making sure it’s just on the contract.

  • First Call Resolution – we’re going to do our best to get it fixed on the first call.

  • Expertise Across a Broad Range of IT Infrastructures – servers, storage and network, all the way up to mainframes.

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Maintenance Contract Terms

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