Migration Bubble Buster Strategy

ReluTech’s Migration Bubble Buster Strategy unlocks significant savings to help your company migrate to the public cloud. Watch our video to learn more.

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Elastic Maintenance

Discover your existing IT assets and let ReluTech map and manage your entire IT deployment. Switch to our alternative maintenance to unlock 50-90% savings compared to the OEM all while receiving the same, if not better support.

Refresh Avoidance

Avoid an expensive refresh by using ReluTech’s recycled hardware. We use refurbished products and upgraded parts at up to a 90% savings to help your company extend the life of your current equipment.

IT Divest

Let ReluTech buy and leaseback your assets to help turn your legacy data center into cash which can be repurposed to an AWS project. Lastly, reduce your risk and maximize recovered value with ReluTech’s IT Asset Disposition services.

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