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Giving back to our community

We believe it’s our responsibility to make a difference, both within and outside of our organization. We operate with a sense of community and a willingness to pitch in–volunteer, make an intro, give advice, lend a helping hand. We help when we see it is needed and not just when asked.

“Our culture is the character, personality and heartbeat of our business. It’s what makes us unique, and is the sum of our values, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitude towards each other, our customers and the community we serve. Culture does not just happen. It’s done with intention. And the intention has to be intentional. And that ‘intentional intention’ has to be consistent across every person in our building, every second of every day.”

-Thomas Hodgson, Sales Manager of ReluTech

Philanthropy Events

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Spiderman

Toys for Tots 2020

Although 2020 has been a tough year, ReluTech continues to stay true to one of our core company values: Paying it Forward.

This year we participated in Toys for Tots, an organization that gives presents to children whose families cannot afford to buy them. Even with COVID-19 and the current economic climate, we were still able to donate over $6,200 worth of toys this year.

Justice League Runs for Justice 2020

ReluTech and NerdRabbit formed a “Justice League” to run a 5k to raise money for the Georgia Black United Fund (GBUF) as part of our commitment to better serve Black communities in Atlanta. GBUF is a community fund dedicated to providing both financial and organizational resources to increase the quality of life for the Black community in Atlanta. The 5k took place on June 19 2020, also known as Freedom Day or Juneteenth, a day that celebrates the ending of slavery in the United States. It marks a day for celebration, as well as assessment, self-improvement, and planning for the future.

Toys For Tots 2019

Throughout the year, our ReluHeroes participate in multiple charitable programs as part of our community outreach effort. Our favorite event by far is our Toys for Tots event, where we buy hundreds of toys to give to underprivileged children during the holiday season.

Each employee grabs a cart and fills it with as many toys as possible for those kids. This year, we donated over $20,000 worth of toys to the organization.

Warrior Dash 2019

Paying it Forward is in our blood here at ReluTech – and so is our competitive spirit. So why not combine both in one activity? BAM – that’s when you get the Warrior Dash. 2019 was the second year in a row that we’ve participated with Promise 686 in this amazing event to raise money to provide homes for foster children. Everyone comes together full of spirit to run a bunch of obstacles and get a little muddy for a great cause.

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Justice League Runs for Justice

Justice League Runs for Justice

Pay It Forward is one of our six values here at ReluTech and it’s one of my personal favorites that I believe our employees truly live out. It brings together our small community, while also helping us reach out to the communities that surround us. In light of the...

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John Manning Memorial Sprint Decathlon

John Manning Memorial Sprint Decathlon

 In his memory our local YMCA is building a new children’s playground. I had been toying with an idea to organize a timed “Decathlon Themed” workout at the Y – and decided to organize this to kick off the Y fundraiser for the playground. I know this…….

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Toys for Tots, Toys for Tech

Toys for Tots, Toys for Tech

Since our inception, our CEO Mark Metz along with our leadership team have consistently emphasized the importance of giving back to the community. This charitable mission actually had the biggest impact on my decision to join the ReluTech team almost two years ago. One of the many ways we give back is by donating to Toys for Tots every December.

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