ReluTech helps TV network find interim storage solution on its way to public cloud

Relus helps TV network find interim storage

ReluTech helps TV network find interim storage solution on its way to public cloud

Riversong Broadcast Network, or RBN* is a television network that reaches homes throughout North America.

*Company name has been changed

 The Challenge

RBN was utilizing a homegrown application for its advertising streams, which provided timing intelligence and automation for advertisements. The TV network was running the homegrown application on three platforms: EMC XtremIO, HP ProLiant servers, and MSA storage. This led to unnecessary and time-consuming complications when it came to managing its production application.

The existing architecture also presented an issue when considering the future state as it locked them into an on-prem environment for the foreseeable future. RBN’s long-term goal was to move the application to the public cloud—a project that would span several years. Because the migration wouldn’t happen immediately, the team required an interim solution, which needed to be an on-prem appliance that integrated well with AWS so that moving workloads over time would be a seamless process. The existing EMC/HP architecture would make the process of moving workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) very cumbersome, complex, and expensive.

The Solution

ReluTech provided Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP), a converged infrastructure platform that accomplished the following:

  • Consolidated the previous technology solutions from EMC and HP into one, thus making the process to deploy, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot much easier for one team.
  • Allowed for seamless integration with AWS, which would make future migrations much easier.
  • Provided a self-service model for the application teams, giving them functionality and flexibility similar to that of public cloud. This increased versatility in deploying new applications and services, and it increased efficiency up to 43 percent for rapid deployment of mission critical workloads.

In the end, RBN’s decision to work with ReluTech for a recommendation and implementation of the right storage solution was an easy one, as the company was already engaged with Relus Cloud on its long-term data center consolidation and cloud migration roadmap. RBN found tremendous value in ReluTech’s unique ability to provide a full cloud transformation engagement that also included an interim on-premises hardware solution.