Elastic Maintenance for Migrations

Support of all your servers, storage and network equipment at up to 50%-90% less than manufacturer maintenance prices. See why over 600 enterprise customers depend on ReluTech for mission-critical support with the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

Eliminate the final migration hurdle

Your team, along with AWS or an AWS consulting partner, can solve the technical challenges to an AWS migration; that is the easy part. The often overlooked and final challenge is simply the financial barrier. Your hardware vendors make leaving them a difficult task. Expensive annual maintenance contracts or equipment refreshes consume too much of your budget to allow for AWS investments. ReluTech’s elastic support service can eliminate up to 90% of your support costs and allow you to continue using your existing infrastructure through the life of your AWS migration.   

ReluTech’s proprietary Elastic Maintenance Service(™) is a customer-centric solution that supports legacy equipment during a migration to AWS. We can support all servers, storage, and network equipment at up to 50%-90% less than manufacturer maintenance prices. From blade servers to huge midrange and mainframes, ReluTech provides a level of service that has earned praise as the best in the industry and grants you savings that help fund your AWS migration.

Reduce Barriers to Cloud Migration

50% - 90% Cost Savings To Fund AWS Migrations

ReluTech customers see savings between 50%-90% by switching from OEM support to ReluTech for their data center hardware. We can support mainframe, midrange, server, storage, and networking equipment. You can read about our savings for current customers here.

Support For EOL Equipment

Keep your current hardware running throughout your cloud migration. Has your manufacturer sent you a letter saying your equipment is at the “End of Life” stage and that they will no longer support it? Due to our large inventory of genuine parts and expert technicians, we can keep that equipment around for as long as you need it.  

Customized SLA's

Our customer-centric approach means that ReluTech offers the industry-standard 24x7x4, 9x5xNBD Service Level Agreements, but if neither of those fit your needs, we can design an SLA that fits your unique situation. And don’t worry – we don’t make you lock into your decision for an entire year. We understand that during a migration to AWS, your needs may change. What starts as a mission-critical environment with a 24x7x4 SLA may shift as your migration progresses. With our AWS migration solution, you can change your SLA at any time.

Comprehensive Coverage of Data Center Hardware

ReluTech’s elastic maintenance service covers all major data center hardware.  Extensive engineering and spare parts coverage for servers: mainframe, midrange and x86 from IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, Oracle, Supermicro and others; storage from Dell, EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM and NetApp; networking products from Checkpoint, Cisco, Dell, HP, and Juniper. 

Want Even Greater Savings?

From now until November 1st, ReluTech is having a storage maintenance special! Save 50% compared to the OEM when you switch to ReluTech’s third party maintenance. Request a quote below and one of our representatives will help you save on your maintenance contract. We’re equipped to provide you with the maintenance, hardware purchase or rental agreements you need on server, storage, and network equipment. Contact us today and we’ll help you save!

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