Solutions To Make You a Hero

IT managers are often under-appreciated. They face numerous challenges when trying to increase uptime, reduce risks, and innovate faster – all on a reduced budget.

At ReluTech, we provide solutions that allow you to achieve all this and more, which helps you become a hero for your organization. While the manufacturers and VARs try to convince you to buy the latest and most expensive hardware, our goal is to help you conserve cash, reduce expenses, and extend the life of existing equipment.

Put on your superhero cape and give us a call. See why over 3,000 customers have come to ReluTech for quality equipment and unmatched support.  

Our four solutions consist of unique services to propel your business

Maintenance Solutions

Multi-manufacturer support – all on one contract

Servers, midranges and mainframes, Storage, and Networking all supported

Savings of 50-70% vs the manufacturer

World-class support, with nearly 98% first-call fix rate

Elastic Maintenance Service™ –  scale up and down on demand  

Asset Disposition Solutions

Maximize recovered value for retired assets

Decommissioning services eliminate hassles of disposing of excess hardware: certified de-installation, packing, and transportation

Reduce risks with ReluTech’s documented and complaint data sanitization and destruction services, covering all manufacturing and meeting DoD and NIST standards.

Infrastructure Solutions

Servers, midranges and mainframes, Storage, and Networking equipment

50-90% savings!

We buy, sell, rent or lease

Same day service for most products

Cloud Migration Solutions

As a Select AWS Partner, ReluTech can match our solutions to your migration

Eliminate the “migration bubble”, and fund your move to AWS

Reduce barriers to your AWS migration, including midrange and mainframes

IT Divest solutions to help you leave your data center


Check Out Our Maintenance Savings Calculators To Unlock Your Estimated Savings Immediately

Server | Storage | Network


On June 19th, ReluTech and NerdRabbit ran a 5K to support the Georgia Black United Fund (GBUF) as part of our commitment to better serve Black communities in Atlanta. GBUF is a community fund dedicated to providing both financial and organizational resources to increase the quality of life for the Black community in Atlanta. Thanks to your donations, we were able to raise $4,450 to support their mission.

Which OEM Do You Need Support For?

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What Do Our Customers Say?

“Not only did ReluTech save us money on our maintenance contract, but the flexibility embedded in the contract made our migration less stressful.”

Director of Information Systems

“One of our company’s goals is to fight the opioid crisis, and ReluTech is key in efficiently finding talented IT professionals to help us win this battle. Not only has ReluTech succeeded in this aspect, but they’ve been outstanding in bringing diversity into our team.”

Chief Operations Officer

“ReluTech helped us tremendously when we needed affordable hardware and hardware maintenance. They also helped us hire a critical IT resource for our company.”

Chief Systems Officer

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