I can clearly remember back in high school when text messaging first started to become popular. When I asked my dad about it though, he just didn’t get it. “Why can’t you just call them?” He always asked. To him, that’s how it had always been done and it worked. This shift in communication methods would require getting out of his comfort zone and learning something new, which was why he was so against this change. He didn’t understand it and as far as he knew, there was nothing wrong with the way he was doing things. As a result, my dad was still able to communicate with friends and family, but he wasn’t doing so as efficiently as he could be. He was missing out on the benefits of a more modern method of communication because he was resistant to this change. Just like my dad, many leaders in the IT world operate with this same mindset when it comes to the datacenter. For most, or all, of their careers, things have been done relatively the same way – and it has worked. The traditional three-tier architecture works just fine and the major manufacturers get the job done. Much like how text messaging changed the game in communication methods, new technologies are constantly hitting the market that make the datacenter more modern and more efficient. Data virtualization, scale-out storage, and hyper converged infrastructures are shaking up the market. Companies that want to hang on to the old way of doing things will likely remain in business –at least for a while –but will not grow as much as desired. IT is no longer just a necessary part of the business that gets no attention unless something goes wrong; it has become a true competitive advantage if it’s used correctly.

Over the next few months, I will be focusing on some of the emerging technologies in the industry that are modernizing the datacenter and giving companies that competitive advantage. Companies like Actifio, Nimble Storage, and Nutanix are growing at such incredible rates because businesses are starting to realize that, like my dad with text messaging, they are missing out on a more efficient way of doing things. Although the two are comparable, my dad had the luxury of easing into the new technology at his own pace while businesses either have to modernize quickly or get crushed by competitors.

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