As we transition into the new year, the ReluTech team will prioritize setting and reaching lofty goals. To recap our last conversation, our goal setting strategy for 2017:

  • We will set audacious goals

  • We know the obstacles and will not use them as excuses later

  • We will achieve the goal or we won’t, no resets or modifications

As I stated earlier, setting goals of any magnitude is easy. Most people will significantly underestimate the amount of energy required to achieve the goal. It is critical for every ReluTech employee to understand our mission, values, and goals as we continue to grow. As CEO, I have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that each individual contributor is doing everything possible to excel. Without 100% commitment, a team will never reach its potential.

It’s vital to measure progress when pursuing goals. Commitment without measurement often results in wasted effort and a frustrated team. One of the biggest adjustments we will make at ReluTech for 2017 is to accelerate our efforts in becoming a more data-driven company. Identifying the important facets of each of our responsibilities and applying metrics and feedback loops for continuous improvement has been in the works at ReluTech for the past few months. This strategy will continue and be critical for meeting our lofty 2017 objectives.

Some companies set goals to maintain existing profits. For others, the goal is to cut costs in hopes of boosting share prices. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo at ReluTech. We believe that if you aren’t growing, you are dying. Entrenching and cutting costs is simply preparing for an eventual attack. We are on a mission to help customers across the country transform their IT systems and leverage new technologies for incredible business value. Our goal is to offer the best customer experience in the industry. It is through this genuine partnership with customers and technologies that we will continue to be one of the fastest growing IT companies in the world.

If you want to be part of one of the most demanding, fast-paced environments in the world, the opportunities are limitless. ReluTech is at the intersection of the most monumental IT changes in history. We are literally helping our customers not only survive, but to thrive and transform industries and create new ones. In 2017, we will be adding Cloud Architects, Engineers, Sales, Business Development, and future District Managers. If this sounds like a team you want to join and you love to go the extra mile, we want to meet you! Visit our page on LinkedIn to learn more about applying today.


Mark is the Founder and CEO of ReluTech. With many years of experience in the technology field, Mark is the leading force of ReluTech’s stride to change the future of the industry. Outside of the office, Mark enjoys swimming, playing ping pong, collecting comic books, and traveling with his family.