Servers, storage and networking equipment are commonly referred to as commodity hardware in traditional data centers. Even though this hardware is readily available and is becoming less expensive, its importance should not be underestimated. The dependence on data center hardware to seamlessly run companies is at an all-time high; and will only get stronger. The most common challenge organizations are faced with is making sure their current hardware is reliable without sinking unneeded money into it.

The OEMs of the big (commoditized) server, networking and storage companies usually offer a 3-year maintenance contract when you buy new equipment. At the end of those 3 years the OEM will increase maintenance costs, which enables them to build a case for their users to upgrade to the latest and greatest hardware. What happens if your current infrastructure is running seamlessly and you don’t need to upgrade? Do you usually pay the outrageous OEM maintenance price, or do you just go ahead and upgrade?

Why not seek out an independent maintenance provider like ReluTech, that allow organizations to maximize data center performance, strategically manage hardware life cycles, and most importantly, optimize IT budgets?

Advantages of ReluTech Maintenance offerings:

SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT Allows you to oversee all of your maintenance contracts and assets from various OEMs under one co-termed contract.

RELIABLE SUPPORT TERMS Every maintenance plan from ReluTech includes access to our certified IT technicians who can assist with data center troubleshooting and parts replacement service.

FLEXIBLE CONTRACTS AND TERMS Our customizable maintenance offerings and solutions enable you to develop plans that not only fulfill your IT needs and requirements but will also reduce your expenditures.


Brant Schwendel is an Account Manager here at ReluTech. His top priority is helping customers support their data center equipment in a cost-effective and timely manner. Outside of the office, his hobbies include working out, playing basketball, and playing golf.

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