If you’re like most organizations, you’ve been in this position at some point. You get a note from one of your major OEMs warning you that one of the systems in your data center will no longer be supported after a certain date. They’ve declared the system to be EOSL (End Of Service Life), and now you feel SOL (Stranded Or Limited). These EOSL dates often seem arbitrary, and as you might imagine, the OEMs could easily continue to support the equipment if they really wanted to. The motivation for discontinuing support on a storage array, server, or networking device is, of course, the desire to upgrade you to the latest generation of hardware—no matter how inconvenient that may be for you.

At ReluTech, we talk to people all the time who have dozens or even hundreds of machines that are completely unsupported because they went EOSL. When we tell them we can still support those devices—not to mention for much less than what they used to pay the OEM—they jump at the opportunity to once again protect those assets.

You may wonder why organizations would be so anxious to pay for maintenance when they’ve gone several months self-supporting the systems and avoiding a maintenance bill entirely! But when you consider the wasted time and personnel associated with generating multiple purchase orders for commonly failed components (drives, fans, power supplies), the small price of third-party maintenance with a trusted vendor makes sense. On top of that, even the most experienced IT infrastructure teams can always use an additional technical resource when they get an error message and don’t want to spend hours researching it. With the right third-party maintenance vendor, you’ll still have access to expert engineers who can help you troubleshoot—even for EOSL devices.

Most companies have realized by now that third-party maintenance (or post-warranty support) has its place and should be leveraged for certain systems. “End of Service Life” isn’t the only use case either. Our customers often use us as soon as their storage, servers, or networking equipment goes off of their original manufacturer warranty period, as the savings are too compelling to pass up. When it comes to EOSL equipment, though, it’s a real no-brainer.

Don’t let EOSL leave you SOL (Stranded Or Limited). Make sure to CYA (Cover Your Assets) with TPM.

Here’s a list of some of the major hardware platforms that have been declared EOSL already or will be by the end of 2017. If you’re looking to upgrade any of these systems, ReluTech can provide the hardware as well.

  • EMC VMAX 10K


  • Isilon IQ NL Series (36TB, 72TB, 108TB)

  • HP 3PAR T400

  • HP ProLiant G7 Blades (BL465C, BL490C)

  • IBM TS3500 (3584) Tape Library (certain versions)

  • IBM N Series N3400

  • IBM pSeries 610, 615, 650

  • IBM DS5100, DS5300

  • NetApp FAS2040

  • Hitachi AMS2500

  • Juniper (multiple models)