Let’s face it.  Upgrading any VM Host to the next major release is a time consuming headache. The planning, compatibility checks, and implementation that goes into these upgrades make for an extensive, challenging project that can consume weeks or even months. The laundry list of trivial tasks and checks can drain any IT department’s operational resources. And that’s IF everything goes according to plan.

But…. there is a new sheriff in town. This new platform reduces this time-consuming endeavor down to a few flicks, regardless of which hypervisor (VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix) you’re upgrading – a One Click Upgrade.

This platform enables a complete full system upgrade within regular working hours with minimal service interruption, which means no more weekends sacrificed to a typical upgrade.

A non-disruptive process that doesn’t require downtime, One Click Upgrade seamlessly automates with the underlying infrastructure. The integrated and coordinated upgrade is performed by one person, from a single console, simplifying the process without the requirement of manual arbitration. There’s no need to worry about a compatibility matrix – One Click Upgrade does it for you.

If you are upgrading your infrastructure OR are upgrading your Virtual Infrastructure, it may be a good time to discuss.

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