“Another day hitting the phones baby!” I thought to myself as I finally hit ‘end’ on my alarm instead of the snooze button. I mustered up the willingness to get out of bed and start the morning routine.

You know that routine that you’ve been afraid of? The routine that made you have a borderline anxiety attack when you were halfway through your last semester of college? I remember thinking: “It’s all downhill from here… When will I be able to go out and enjoy a night with friends on a Thursday?… I’ll never be able to do that in ‘The Real World’”.

In most cases, you would be right to fear this looming end to youthful bliss. The burden of having the full responsibility of an adult is enough to make any young person shake in their boots. Most of my friends have nothing but derogatory things to say about their profession and respective organizations… but things were different for me. As an Inside Sales Representative for ReluTech, everything was different.

The thing I forgot to mention about this morning was that I was wearing a suit. This is noteworthy because in the six months of working at ReluTech I never have even had to tuck in my shirt. Of course, from time to time I would anyway, just to portray that I was a classy, upstanding, accountable individual. But on a Friday during the summer, you would find me in a comfortable t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts.

I was wearing a suit because our sales team was invited to Hal’s, a swanky steakhouse in Atlanta by one of our business partners. An evening of good times was in store with my co-workers that I now spend the majority of my time with. People that I now consider to be good friends and I was genuinely excited to spend even more time with them away from work. This isn’t fitting the narrative you are used to hearing about your typical entry-level sales job, huh?

Most things don’t fit the conventional mold at ReluTech.

Whether it’s our weekly “activities” where select volunteers partake in speed eating Vienna sausages, dragging tires out of the pond behind our office building in under 2 minutes or the ghost pepper challenge(to name a few), our team is never short of a great time. But, as unconventional as we are, there is one thing that ReluTech has in common with all successful companies: People who are willing to bust it every single day!

ReluTech has a set of values that act as a guideline for all employees to follow. All of these values are virtuous, and none are more important than the other. Nevertheless, I will tell you about my personal favorite, “Work Hard and Hustle”. Pretty self-explanatory. The impact you can bring to your own life and to others around you by living these words is invaluable. If you are a young professional wanting to leave your mark on an organization and learn what it takes to have a successful career in sales, ReluTech is a great place to start.

As an ISR at ReluTech, bringing the “Work Hard and Hustle” attitude every single day is paramount. You will be expected to cold prospect the majority of the people you reach out to. This is no easy task, and it takes a special person to accomplish. It requires resiliency, determination, and the ability to communicate effectively with potential customers. However, all these things become a little easier when the opportunity to move up and advance is so great! If you work hard and give a little extra effort, you will have every opportunity to grow in your sales career and advance within the company.

Combine the potential for growth in a sales career along with our amazing company culture, and it makes turning on my computer each morning exciting. All in all, starting my career in sales for ReluTech has been a blessing and an opportunity that I continue to be grateful for.

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