So, you’ve made the decision that adoption to the cloud is what is most beneficial to your environment.  You’ve identified the need to save more money and time while moving faster against your competition, right?  OK, so now what?

One very important piece to the journey is PEOPLE.  Who do you trust? Do you have the technical expertise on your teams now to make the move?  Who might be the right resource to lean on and trust in this adoption to the cloud? To best build a successful cloud team in a competitive market it is imperative to keep a few things in mind.  We’ve been a trusted partner to many and look forward to sharing some of our secrets.


All relationships are most successful when built on a solid communication foundation.  A job description alone will not define your next new hire. Let’s talk about the critical skills and what you need this individual to solve and build in your environment.  It’s a great time to be honest about your challenges and to share with a trusted partner what you don’t know.

Speed to Market

As they say, timing is everything and the same is true in this insanely fast-moving job market. The job market is constantly growing, so much that there is actually a negative unemployment rate for technology talent, which includes Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers, and many other roles.

Trusted Partner

The network of trusted individuals is the difference to making the right hire.  How are you successfully attacking the hiring challenges? – When you rely on a team with a proven track record that truly understands the market.

As a trusted partner in this industry, we understand the market and really believe that a successful team of cloud professionals will be very beneficial to the cloud migration process.

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About the author | Valerie Bussey

Valerie Bussey, our Talent Solutions Coordinator here at ReluTech. In the office, Valerie manages day-to-day client relationships and works closely with our contractors. Outside of the office, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and watching sports.

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