When I joined ReluTech 3 years ago right out of college I would have never imagined how often and how quickly an industry can change. It didn’t take long for me to realize for an industry that changes so often, organizations really have a lack of flexibility that helps them align with those constant changes. In the end, manufacturers (OEMs) are really looking out for their bottom line and trying to keep their customers locked into their products, and this isn’t always what is best for the customer and their business.

Fortunately, ReluTech exists to help eliminate this problem and offer a solution to one of the industry’s biggest problems. We refer to that problem as “vendor lock in.” If you have ever signed a maintenance renewal contract with the OEM you have experienced this. Once you submit your signed renewal, you are then locked into that contract for the term of your agreement with no flexibility that aligns with your future IT changes that may or may not be planned.

ReluTech 3rd party maintenance is the solution to this problem, and we have implemented several contract terms that gives you, the customer, complete control of your future.

There are several key factors within our maintenance agreement that facilitates this flexibility.

1.       Flexible term limits

2.       Flexible payment options

3.       Co-term contracts

4.       Eliminate vendor lock in

Flexible term limits refers to having the option to look at support for less than a year or even longer terms going out to 3+ years. Regardless of the option, you have the ability to add and remove items without penalty. If you are coming to ReluTech with a time limit to be off the hardware, we can show you options for less than a year to fit those requirements. If you think the hardware will stay around for several then we can show longer term contracts that carry a larger discount. The good thing with the longer term is you get a better discount and you are still not locked in if things change in the future.

Flexible payment options is just what it references. Depending on your situation or how you prefer to manage your budget, we can create payment options that meet your needs and business requirements.

Co-terming contracts can be a very powerful tool for everyone involved. Especially when you have a lot of hardware and contracts that have varying end dates. This can be a constant hassle for IT and procurement when trying to keep track of what is coming off of current OEM support. We like to offer co-terming options to help consolidate these contracts and get all assets on the same timeline. This can help with budgeting efforts and future refresh planning.

This last piece isn’t necessarily a contract term we offer but all of our terms help eliminate one of the biggest problems for our customers and that is… THE VENDOR LOCK IN! Under ReluTech support you are not at the mercy of the manufacturers and their partners anymore. If you are getting off a system in a few months and need a flexible support contract, no problem. Want to repurpose your legacy hardware and make it useful in another environment for a few more years? We got you. Migrating to the cloud and not sure how long it will take? Use ReluTech! We give you, the customer, all the power to make the best decision for the business.

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