The City

I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York and moved to Atlanta 11 years ago as a teenager. When my family first moved to Atlanta, my family back in New York just imagined Atlanta being nowhere near as developed as New York. They thought Atlanta still had dirt roads, which 11 years ago, that might have been true in some places. Now, Atlanta is growing and letting other big cities know that it’s the up and coming place to be. With Atlanta being one of the top 5 fastest growing cities, it’s continuously building and upping the antsy.


One of the reasons for Atlanta’s growth is its walkability. The famous Beltline is “where Atlanta comes together”. In 2019, the Beltline boasted five open trails and seven parks, along with a plethora of restaurants and bars. In its completion, it will span over 22 miles and connect 45 Atlanta cities. That is 22 miles to get your eat on, your drink on, and your work-out on. Its biggest draw, it is bringing communities together – promoting economic growth and sustainability.

Things to Do 

As Atlanta continues to grow, so do things to do. We are the home of the largest aquarium in the U.S., as well as showcasing two brand new sports arenas. If you are planning a weekend in Atlanta, the Botanical Gardens, CNN Tower, and FernBank are great places to visit. My personal favorite attraction is the famous Coca Cola World, where at the end, you can try sodas from all over the world. There are endless options of activities in Atlanta.

My Ties

Like said above, I have been living and loving Atlanta for the past 11 years. So much so, I am currently planning my 2020 wedding in the largest park in Atlanta, Piedmont Park. I couldn’t imagine anywhere else than in the epicenter of change. A place where different cultures, races, and socioeconomic statuses are coming together to create a truly vibrant city. I don’t plan on moving anytime soon but if I did, the fact that I can live in the suburbs less than 20 mins away is perfection. I am and will always be a city girl.

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About the author | Ariel Williams

Ariel Williams is our Logistics & Sales Support Coordinator here at ReluTech. In the office, Ariel helps the sales representatives with all their buying and selling needs! Outside of the office, she loves to run, go to the movies, and take her dog to Piedmont Park.

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