Atlanta is unique in so many ways; with all the live events, there’s something to do every single night. Every big-name singer, band, comedian, traveling circus, and performing artist you could think of makes stops here for all their tours. 

We have our fair share of local bands, artists, and performers we’re all proud of, but what really binds us is our passion for our sports teams. We’re well represented across the board with college and professional sports, but we couldn’t be luckier to have “America’s Team”, The Atlanta Braves, right in our backyard.

The Braves are not only one of the staples of our community culture here in Atlanta, but they’re beloved across the southeast, something that is truly unique.

People from all corners of the country come to watch them play in person just so they can check it off their bucket lists. The rich history of the franchise has found its way to merge with modern interests to create a vibrant atmosphere that is suitable for fans of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. 

The new stadium is state of the art when it comes to fan experience. Combined with The Battery Atlanta adjacent to the stadium, which is loaded with restaurants, fun bars, retail stores, and much more, going to a game has become better than “just something to do”; it has become a part of the modern Atlanta culture.

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