I believe in paying for a quality product that protects and extends the life of your assets. This is why Third Party Maintenance is a great alternative to what the OEM’s offer.

Let’s look at the facts:

An OEM’s business is all about selling hardware. When OEM’s go to customers, they do not talk about extending the life of your current hardware. Instead, they discuss why you should move to the latest and greatest hardware they have for sale. The sales reps for these OEM get paid to sell that new hardware. Prices of OEM support increase 50,60, 70% each year, which is how they force you to buy new equipment. If that doesn’t work, they have this policy of “End of Service Life”, meaning that even if you are willing to overpay, they won’t sell it to you!

Why does the OEM charge more year after year? (To make buying new equipment more attractive to you!) Let’s look at it this way – what happens to the value of equipment over time? The value decreases each year. So as the manufacturer prices go up, their cost for parts goes down…

So how is third party better?

Rather than increase your costs by 70%, TPM can lower your costs by 70%. So, that’s a good start… By the way –  your price will not go up year over year for the same level of service. Why would it? TPM providers are not in the business to sell new hardware you don’t need!

Let’s also talk about flexibility:

Do OEM’s offer short term contracts? (3 months, 6 months, etc.) I don’t know if I have ever seen that from an OEM. TPM offers short term contracts with monthly or quarterly true up options. This gives you the ability to add items as they fall off the expensive OEM contracts. If you are moving to the cloud, it also lets you decommission and remove assets from your maintenance contract.

We offer our customers a customized solution for their specific needs – spare parts to stock, onsite or offsite. SLA’s around the customers timetable. Ability to support multiple manufacturers. Technicians that have worked on multiple generations of hardware.

Pay for your specific need! Don’t overpay for service you don’t need. Don’t buy equipment when your current environment is running great! Do what’s best for your company, not what’s best for the OEM!

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