It’s been a big year for our team at ReluTech!

A year ago, our Talent Solutions team spun-off from Relus Cloud, the Premier AWS Consulting Partner that was built from the ground-up. Since then, we’ve fully integrated with (our former sister company) ReluTech’s Infrastructure Solutions team to create a go-to-market that’s thrilled our customers since its introduction—the Migration Bubble Buster Strategy.

It’s a mouthful, but the approach couldn’t be more simple. The MBBS uses a series of services around data center discovery, asset buyback/leaseback, team-building and recruitment, and on-prem decommissioning strategies to simplify and drastically reduce the cost of moving to the cloud.

Our Talent Solutions team is thrilled to be an integral part of this. Our philosophy is simple: the best people produce the best results, and the best recruiters produce the best people! From its Relus Cloud origins, our team of cloud-certified recruiters was born within North America’s fastest-growing AWS consulting partner, so we were raised around the all-important recruiting principles of speed, quality, and transparency.

We now apply these same principles to staffing practice that mops the floor with conventional recruiting shops, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve staffed elite cloud consultancies, quickly ramped up cloud-native development projects with resources in the dozens, built entire Centers of Excellence, and delivered time-sensitive, high-visibility hires to C-suite customers that return asking for us on a first name basis.

Our team, as well as our customers, understand it plain and simple: the best technical organizations are the best because of their people, from top to bottom. Whether there is a company-wide migration effort or a difficult one-off hiring need, our Talent Solutions group is here to fill the gaps.

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