As more and more devices are connected to the internet, cybersecurity is becoming an important issue. Cybersecurity is protecting hardware, software, and data from being compromised by unauthorized users. Whether it’s a corporate server, point-of-sale device, Alexa speaker, or even your smart fridge at home, digital intruders are constantly trying to break in. We all hear about companies getting hacked and their data stolen; this can cost millions of dollars and many hours of wasted time to rectify.

As digital safeguards are improved, the malicious actors turn more toward the weak link: people. Phishing attacks are becoming more common and devious, and can often be as simple as an email with a link to log into an everyday site, like an email. However, the link will actually direct the user to a fake login page where the user essentially gives away their credentials. Many people also use the same password for multiple online accounts making phishing even more troublesome. Once one account is compromised, hackers can use the same password to compromise other accounts.

No amount of security can compensate for unaware users, from the most well-intentioned person who makes a simple mistake, to the disgruntled employee trying to get back at the company for some transgression. Just as keeping devices up to date with the latest firmware and security patches will help keep the hardware secure, training and workplace culture can keep employees focused and content.

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